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Working online allows you to produce content in many forms as it combines text-based news and features, photo-journalism, audio and video.

As well as dedicated online news sites, newspapers, magazines and broadcasters often have teams of online journalists. Other publications have reporters that work both online and in print. Working online requires flexibility as 24-hour working is common. You need to understand the web and its audience and will have to turn your hand to a very wide range of skills, some of them traditionally associated with reporting, some with subbing and production.

Online journalists need to learn to write with greater brevity than for print media, because fewer words can be displayed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone screen than on the page of a newspaper or magazine.

Online journalists are also heavily involved in production. If you don’t know it already, you’ll learn html, basic content management systems (CMS) and probably rudimentary Photoshop as well, plus basic audio and video-editing skills.

To improve your chances of getting a job you should demonstrate a wide knowledge of online news and entertainment sites and a clear understanding of how news can best be presented online. Know that interaction with the user is a vital ingredient of a website’s offering. Online, you don’t just tell readers the news; you interact with them, enabling them to express their opinions about it and discuss its implications.

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