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Photojournalism, as the term implies, is a journalism-based course with photography as its foundation. Tutors will help you develop natural news sense in tune with an ability to use a camera and ancillary equipment to the best advantage; there is also a comprehensive reporter module.

The press photography course contains all the above elements without the reporter’s module.

The qualities you need to be accepted on an NCTJ course and to be a press photographer or photojournalist are energy; drive; commitment; single-mindedness; personality and an enquiring mind which can look at the obvious and see something different - or better - by way of a ‘news line‘ and picture.

If you are successful in obtaining a place, you will undergo intensive practical and theoretical training to prepare you for your career.

There are two NCTJ-accredited courses in press photography and photojournalism. If you are employed by a local newspaper for 18 months following your training, you will be entered into the NCTJ’s senior qualification for press photographers, the National Qualification in Journalism (NQJ).

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